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Nathan's Place

Hi There! I'm Nathan, a Chinese Crested Dog and this is my web site. I've created this to provide a forum that I can use to tell you about me and whatever else I want to say. I have trouble typing on a computer because of those small keys that most computers usually use so I got my humans to type this for me.

It's kinda hard to tell from the picture (because I'm wearing my favorite shirt in it) but I don't have any fur at all and just hair on my head, tail, and feet. There are two kinds of Chinese Cresteds, one which has no fur and one that has a lot of soft fur. I'm one of the furless ones or as humans usually say, I'm a hairless. My sister Natalie though has a full coat of fur so she is what humans call a "puffy".

I also have a photo album with some more pictures of me and a few of my friends from around the neighborhood.